And our STRUGGLE continues…

The message Sinead O’Conner delivered in her dramatic performance on Saturday Night Live back in 1992 is just as powerful today as it was then.

It seems little has changed in the hearts of mankind over the past three decades. The struggle remains the same–against war, inequality, abuse of power and the destruction of our very home, planet Earth.

Yes, we must FIGHT for justice for all sentient beings, as well as for the health of our planet. Can this fight be won through non-violent means? I hope so.


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  1. Thanks so much for this posting, Henry. The Republic of Ireland has come so far since 1992 to shake off the yoke of orthodoxy that kept it solidly in the fold for centuries. This was an act of nonviolent resistance that buoys my hopes as well.

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  2. I hope so, too, Henry.
    Peace, brother.

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  3. The last bit of action was exquisite!

    Hooray for Sinead and Henry!


    • I felt it was a performance definitely worth reviving. O’Conner’s actions are even more poignant viewed through today’s lens, considering the depths of child molestation within the Catholic church that have been revealed since her performance 27 years ago.

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      • The Catholic church has always held power over the parents of children. I have seen documentaries of how they took the children of mothers in their hospitals and the children were never seen again, apparently given over for adoption or whatever other purposes they had. So this has been going on a long, very long time. Very sad. And it is not just children, but adults held in slavery and treated in an abusive manner for so many years as well. Nothing good can be said.

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      • I think any religion (and it’s leaders) given too much power over people’s lives is frightening, and history has recorded much of the suffering such organizations have produced. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. SIGH! Make art, not war!

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