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Planet Earth, what a marvel! This patchwork of incredible colors, sights, sounds, beliefs and tastes exists due to our planet’s many diverse cultures that follow different patterns of dress, lifestyle, religion and cuisine.

As we know all too well, those differences, which are the very essence of what makes our world so interesting, can also create tensions that lead to conflict. I’ve often pondered the seemingly unanswerable question of how this planet’s different cultures can come together to preserve unique traditions while living in relative harmony. While I must admit that human nature seems unpredictable at best, I keep longing for a day when humans will evolve to a point where those petty differences no longer separate us.

I certainly don’t want to appear to be yet another white guy pontificating from some perceived position of superiority, but I’ll offer my two cents worth anyway. It seems that negotiating compromises at all levels of society is the key. On the other hand, I understand that being tolerant of other people’s views can be a tricky business, especially for those who complain that the opinions of others are being forced on them. The only thing I’m relatively certain of is that no one person, group, nation, culture or religion has all the answers or gets it just right.

My Quest is to discover how I, as an individual American, fit into this complex global puzzle and identify the actions I can take on a daily basis that will help create a fairer, safer, healthier and more equitable life for all citizens of our planet.

If you’re on a similar quest or are merely curious, then follow along and be part of the journey! The road won’t always be smooth because I intend to point out all the potholes I see along the way, but isn’t the aim worth a go? Together, we’ll examine current situations—

Cultural contexts. Economic factors. Individual responsibilities. Personal lifestyles. Political decisions.

—and discuss the kind of changes that need to be initiated to build a more peaceful coexistence for all. I invite you to read a bit about me (nothing to pontificate about there lol) and then check out my recent posts on the following pages. Please comment and let’s make some noise!

NOTE: Let me clearly state that I don’t speak in the name of any political party, follow any particular ideology, nor am I associated with any other group or organization. My ideas and conclusions are my own and are drawn from my research and life experience as a Western expat and world traveler. The profession of teaching has allowed me to have a ring-side seat for witnessing cultural change abroad and offered me the opportunity to interact with locals from a diverse range of socioeconomic backgrounds in a variety of developing countries.