Nature’s Embrace

Nature is never ending

The comfort I feel surrounding me

Being connected to the whole universe

Takes me away from worries in life.

Joy of heading into the mountains solo

Knowing I might never return

Immersion in the moment

Melts away the ravages of civilization.

It’s more than just

The air we breathe

Water that hydrates

Food that nourishes.

It’s the excesses

The vibrant colors

Delicacy of a flower petal

Dew catching the morning light

Trees reaching for the sky.

Insects, birds, animals

Wind, rain, warm sun

The sounds, the smells, the silence

It soothes my soul

Like nothing else can.

All photos by Henry Lewis and shot in the cloud forest on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu in the Malaysian state of Sabah on the island of Borneo.


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  1. How very true it all is Henry. Nature does have a positive effect on us and not just because it takes us away from everyday problems but because it immerses us in a peaceful harmony of colours, sounds and scents.
    But yes, nature can also be indifferent to us and to itself. I hope your sisters are all right and haven’t been affected.

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    • Thanks for commenting Marios. It really is fundamental to have a healthy respect for nature and to live common sense lifestyles that are more in harmony with nature’s rhythms. It was interesting to see how the Incas built their structures at Machu Picchu with this in mind. They were much smarter than present day cultures.


  2. Lovely bit of prose my friend! I didn’t know you were so talented a writer. ❤️

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    • Dear Kristy, you are so kind. Honestly, I don’t consider myself to be a writer at all. It’s merely another form of expression–just like my dabbling in visual arts of all sorts. It’s fun, stimulating and personally fulfilling and that’s reward enough.


  3. Yes…I totally agree…can’t get enough of being in nature! 😊 Great photos.. and capturing those insects! Wonderful!

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