How to Help Venezuelans in Need

In an article published this week, my friend Christopher Burke has included a list of organizations that are working to help Venezuelans in need, both those within their country and those living as refugees in neighboring Colombia. For more information, please follow the link below.

Venezuela’s sick economy is killing its citizens. Here’s how to help them.

The first ‘help’ link–The Venezuelan Society of Palliative Medicine–is no longer working which is an indication of how severe the crisis in medical care is within Venezuela.


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  1. Thanks Henry for sharing this link!

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  2. That’s a great link Henry to all the organisations trying to help people in Venezuela. More and more are coming here to Spain and other European countries where their grand parents have/had European nationally. Lucky them! Not so great for the rest, sadly.

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    • Hola Peta,

      The help links are thanks to my friend Christopher Burke who lives in Bogotá. Yes, the Venezuelan diaspora is becoming quite wide-spread as refugees search for economic opportunities for themselves and their families. The economies of South American countries such as Colombia simply aren’t robust enough to accommodate the large numbers of new arrivals.


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