Follow-up Story: Guns and American Exceptionalism

Follow-up story

I was shocked to just find a blog posting entitled “How to Survive a Mass Shooting”, a full-on technical combat guide for American citizens. It’s professionally put together to sell the idea to buyers who seemed to be flocking to the post.

After describing some basic combat training techniques, the guide ends with the following:

“Stay vigilant, maintain situational awareness at all times, plan for the worst, and stay survival fit – body and mind!!!”

It’s a soldiers guide

[I WILL NOT provide a link to this!]

Is this really where we are in American society? I’m not surprised that it looks more and more like the USA is entering another period of civil warfare, but I am shocked that its happening sooner than I predicted.

I suppose after 15 years of living abroad, I really have lost touch with American culture, and the extent to which violence has become acceptable. Have Americans really given up on trying to resolve problems nonviolently? Sorry if I sound naïve, but I grew up in a rural region of the American South at a time when people still had respect for each other.

Where I lived in North Carolina, neighbors helped neighbors and the color of someone’s skin was less important than the strength and gentleness of their spirits, at least that’s the parents and grandparents I knew who were my teachers.

Of course the world wasn’t perfect back then, but it seemed the only people I heard spoken of as enemies were the Russians, and I knew somewhere inside the Russians were human just like us.

Of course the government was still dealing with what they perceived to be the ‘Commie’ threat to democracy, while African Americans were worried about getting crosses burned in their front yards. Despite these negatives, there seemed to be far fewer barriers between local people then, despite our awareness of racial and economic inequality.

Humans may be violent by nature, but I fully believe we are capable of rising above that. We can still work out our differences nonviolently.

The mass acceptance of an inevitable and unavoidable clash of cultures is frightening and sad. Will evolution spur our consciousnesses to evolve just in time to transform into a higher form of species? Or will we become extinct like the dinosaurs?

How do you think the country’s economy will be affected by a civil war? This saber-rattling (and that is what’s being done) is only going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy—like attracts like and the battle begins.

When we totally lose the art of discourse, we are doomed. Because it is an art form, one of the magical aspects of life that’s healing and has held cultures together for thousands of years. Without performing the art of discourse, the human species will cease to exist.

Accepting and living as if the worst is always going to happen at any moment and that everyone is your potential enemy, will only hasten the demise of our species!


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  1. Very true what you say about discourse Henry but what discourse can you have when the great Satan money takes precedence over everything else, including human lives. The NRA must have their profits and Trump his share of it.

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  2. Hi Marios…It’s true that politics in the USA is ruled by money. The NRA and weapons manufacturers contribute heavily to candidates like Trump in each election cycle. Thanks for pointing this out. I try to remain hopeful that new effective legislation to restrict the purchase of firearms will be passed in Congress, regardless of disappointments in the past. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. I’m in Australia where we have a lot of troubles here, too. Thankfully guns are not a big issue but we need to remain vigilant as there are lobby groups always seeking to dilute our laws with the aim being profits through the sale of weapons, of course.

    Do you really think that civil war in the US is a possibility? In what way could you see this happening? It is a shocking thought!

    I agree that discourse should always be the first option whenever any issues arise between individuals, groups, states or countries. The world is generally getting better at this approach. I think we will evolve and not end up like the dinosaurs, but there will still be hiccups through that process.

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    • Hi Katherine,
      Thanks for your visit and leaving such an insightful comment. As far as the situation in the USA is concerned, I feel that too many guns in circulation in general and the insanity of the ‘concealed carry’ laws in many US States sets up the possibility for many dark scenarios. Just the right spark could ignite smaller skirmishes in certain places, but I don’t think a country-wide civil war is imminent. The USA is so incredibly different from one state/city to another that passports should be required of Americans traveling domestically. Australia is such a geographically large country as well and I’m sure that kind of diversity of thought and world view is evident there as well. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!


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