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Health and Well-being

Maintaining Inner Balance in a Turbulent World

I don’t know about you, but maintaining a balanced state of being is my greatest challenge in life. As if it weren’t already difficult enough to deal with my own monkey mind, it’s an even greater challenge not to allow the words or actions of others to affect our emotional state of being. Like a pendulum, my mood can swing from one extreme to another. It’s enough to give one mental whiplash!

Technology’s role

It seems that one of technology’s greatest strengths—the ease of sharing information–is rapidly becoming its Achilles heel as humans are now being bombarded on a daily basis by an avalanche of data, information and imagery. Personally, I’m consciously aware that the chatter and inner conflict I experience has become more pronounced as I’ve delved ever more deeply into the realm of my online existence.

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Expat Exodus

Some of you may have read about the Western expat phenomenon. While there’s been a great deal of recent press dedicated to both legal and illegal immigration into the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Western European countries, there’s been a quieter flow of Western retirees and digital nomads retreating from post-industrial economies to the developing world.
In my travels, I’ve met Americans living in Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador, Australians and Kiwis living in Indonesia and Malaysia, Brits living in Spain and Thailand, and Germans, French, Dutch etc. living in all the afore-mentioned countries plus a handful of other destinations. While expat retirees may have a different set of criteria than their younger digital nomad counterparts, they all share the desire for a reasonable cost of living, temperate climate and lower levels of stress in their daily lives.

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