The Neighbor–A Comedy in 5 nights

The Neighbor–A Comedy in 5 Nights is an original short video produced by Henry Lewis in collaboration with Colombian friends Martha Pulido and Alejandro Aristizábal. In English with Spanish subtitles.


Apartment living can be challenging even in the best of times. Add two newly arrived tenants, a downstairs neighbor with multiple textbook neuroses and the stress of a pandemic quarantine and you have the perfect recipe for a quirky dilemma. Even when temperaments skew to the dark side, what’s most important is our ability to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously.

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  1. You have fun 🙂 I am sure you’re not that neighbour

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  2. Great film Henry. I love it!!

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  3. It made me laugh:) Thank you and thank your friends too.

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  4. Very funny! I like how you made it bilingual. Cool masks.

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  5. Great fun! My sympathies upstairs and downstairs. I wonder where yours are Henry?!

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  6. My sympathies are definitely with all of those who are destined to live out their lives in a small apartment with thin walls. 🙂


  7. you look like you are having a bit of fun in lockdown. I do pity your neighbours!

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  8. I enjoyed your video … apartment living when everyone at home is a new reality of patience…thanks for the laughs

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