Video: Art of Oswaldo Guayasamin


Click the link below to see the haunting images created by Ecuador’s most renowned contemporary artist, Oswaldo Guayasamín.

The Art of Oswaldo Guayasamin


6 thoughts on “Video: Art of Oswaldo Guayasamin

  1. Great video… thanks for highlighting this obscure (to me anyway) artist. I guess the western art world concerns itself with a limited palette and South American, African and Asian art gets little attention.


    1. Yes, it’s true to a certain extent, but Guayasamin has received international acclaim although it was pre-internet. A wealthy American, Nelson Rockefeller (recognize the family name?), became a sort of benefactor which helped to spread word of Guayasamin’s work. I’ve loved the simplicity of his figures and their expressive hands and faces ever since I first discovered his paintings. Thanks for commenting!


  2. I, too, had never heard of Guayasamin before you introduced me to him. I deeply enjoyed the video…it gave me a great introduction to this artist. Now, I am dashing off to go Google him. Hehehehehe. Thanks a million for making and sharing your video.


    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed the video. I found Guayasamin’s art to be very moving from the first time I saw a print of one of his paintings. Despite the fame of Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera, the contributions made by Latin American artists have been largely ignored in favor of European and later American painters. Sad, really, ’cause art lovers are missing out on so much! Thanks for commenting and for your support of Quest blog!


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