Seville Video Journal

The historical southern Spanish city of Seville will beguile you with the world’s largest Gothic cathedral, the visually delightful Mudejar-style Alcazar, the Gold Tower where the treasures brought from the Americas were unloaded from ships and stored, the passion of flamenco and SO much more. Sit back and enjoy the visuals in this video journal.

Note: I’ll also be posting a photo journal on Seville shortly.


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  1. Thanks Henry for the free trip.


  2. Henry, your artistic talent is evident in every moment of this video. You are awesome, dude! I felt myself yearning to be back in Sevilla. It is a magical place….and this video certainly demonstrated that. THANKS A MILLION!


    • Hi Carolyn. I’m not really sure what artistic talents you’re referring to lol! But, really, thanks so much for your support and I’m very happy to have brought back such fond memories. I really did love every minute I spent in Seville. The city has a wonderful feel and energy, plus I loved the fact that private cars are banned from most of the city center. I do wish other cities would learn from that example!


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