Video Short: Flamenco!


The Andalusian region of southern Spain is home to one of the world’s most passionate styles of music and dance–flamenco! Though it’s specific origins are still being debated, musicologists trace its roots to eighteenth century Andalusia, a region whose culture by this time had been colored by diverse migrations of Castilian, Gypsy, Jewish and Muslim peoples. Today, flamenco can be heard, seen in clubs and on street corners in every major city of Andalusia.
I could write more about my love for this fascinating art form, but in this case words are insufficient in expressing emotions. Flamenco is best experienced by our hearts and souls. It gets under your skin and makes your spine tingle, and before you realize it your body is moving to the beat of the music. So, turn up the volume and maximize the view, or just close your eyes and listen to the hypnotic rhythms and feel the passion of one of our planet’s most culturally rich areas!

Enjoy and peace~henry

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  1. Wow, it sounds amazing, letting your hear and soul be moved by the music!!


  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHH…..YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing on earth quite like flamenco dancing and music!!!!!!….especially in Sevilla!!!! GOLLY!!!! It sure is tugging at me to go back there and sit in one of those nightclubs with live flamenco shows.

    If you want to see a FASCINATING movie about the evolution of “gypsy music” (which forms the basis of flamenco music), you’ve got to see a film called LATCHO DROM. It traces their music and cultures from their origins in India all across the way to Spain over the centuries. I highly recommend it. I know you will like it very very much.

    Thanks for bringing us along on your journey, Henry. I am enjoying it immensely.

    oh…..wait…..Have you bought one of the small black fans that the males use in Andalucia? I LOVE THE FANS there, both the female and male fans. I used to have one…..but it got lost somewhere along the way.


    • I’ve only seen clips from the film Carolyn, and will definitely look for it. Fans: Yes, it’s somehow quaint to see so many ladies (haven’t seen any males yet with fans) strolling down the street waving their fans. And, yes, yes, yes Flamenco is just mesmerizing for me to watch! I love it! Thanks for your comments Carolyn!

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