“The Curse” An Original Short Film

Life’s upheavals, painful and distressing.

Inequality, sickness, old age and death.

Hunger, thirst and loneliness.

From which we seek deliverance.

Enter The Curse

An original short film — conceived, written, produced, photographed and directed [yeah, a one person show + my sister’s guest appearance :)] by Henry Lewis. And, all done on a budget of under $100. Gotta love Goodwill 🙂

Note: Crank up the volume and use full-screen mode if using a mobile phone or tablet.

Wishing you peace and deliverance from your personal sorrows~henry

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  1. You have made good use of your imagination and the $100.

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  2. Glad to see you are making films again, Henry.

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  3. That was something else! I really enjoyed watching, I shall subscribe!

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  4. Good fun, Henry. I’m sure you enjoyed putting it all together. I particularly liked the background noises. OOOOOOOH! And the final, unexpected scene! I wonder where you ended up ???
    Let’s have more!

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    • Hi Marios. Thanks so much my dear friend! Believe it or not, this video took months of part time work to make and edit. I mounted my phone on my head or my chest for shooting the scenes. Perhaps I should follow up with a post on “guerrilla filmmaking” to educate folks. Take good care!


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