“The Curse” Official Trailer

Trapped. Lost. Abandoned. Indrik is startled awake from a nightmare. He gasps for air. Were those real hands that he’d felt gripping his neck? Breathe, just breathe, he tells himself.

Indrik shivers. Looking around, he finds he’s lying on his back in a field of snow while the sun sets over the forested horizon.

Indrik doesn’t recognize this landscape. “Where am I? What day is this? How did I get here?”

He has faint memories of his past, but they seem less vivid than the dark creature in his terrifying dream. A black shroud had covered its head, but the grotesque features of its face were now embedded deeply into his mind.

“So, this is how it feels to have amnesia,” a trembling Indrik decides as his mind and body try to adapt to this moment in time. Although, time it seems, has ceased to exist.

Touching his chest, Indrik remembers a photo, the one he always carries in his pocket. When he sees the face of his beloved, Mary, all his memories come flooding back. A torrent. An avalanche. And a realization.

He’d been enslaved by a sorcerer. He’s a prisoner, banished to a strange place and time, far away from all he knows and loves.

Suddenly, Indrik recalls the childhood stories his grandmother had told so convincingly by the fire late at night. Something about an ancient book that contained a map which led to mystical objects that could break even the most powerful sorcerer’s curse.

Indrik gathers his thoughts and musters the kind of determination he will need to change his tortured fate.

This must be his path. Following the instructions of his grandmother’s tale were his only hope for deliverance from his current realm of suffering.

First, however, he needs to find the basics — shelter, food and water.

As the frozen snow crunches under his feet, Indrik grips the folded photo of his beloved Mary. “Hope. There must be hope,” he mutters.

This video was made for viewing in full-screen mode on mobile devices, but you can also watch it on other devices.

“The Curse,”  my most recent original short film, will Premiere on My Quest Blog and on my YouTube channel (Link here) Friday May 13, 2002. Yes, that’s tomorrow!

Watch your inbox. Look I know we’re all busy, but this is art for art’s sake 🙂


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  1. Henry, congrats on your latest short film project! Seems like you’re having a lot of fun 🙂

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  2. Friday the 13th! I’ll tune in tomorrow.

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  3. Looks good Henry. I am indeed watching my inbox.

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