What about ART?

Ahhh, the joys of spring! Nature’s abundance once again reveals itself after a long, cold northern hemisphere winter.

Against the backdrop of humanity showing its ugly side, nature both calms and soothes.

And right along side nature sits art and creativity. These are the forms of therapy I use to balance my world view.

So…What about ART?

Note: The video is made to be viewed in full-screen portrait mode on a mobile phone, but you can also enjoy it on your other devices.

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Categories: Comedy, Environment, Health and Well-being, Visual Arts


  1. spring is the most peaceful time of year for me. Happy to have found you again! Ginny McDonald


  2. Lucky you, Van Gogh of the Americas, to be surrounded by such beauty! What about art indeed to capture it for posterity and fill our hearts with joy.

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