Take a walk with el Mono

Posts on this blog have been disappearing recently, so take my advice and read/watch soon. Everything in life is temporary, including WordPress.

And speaking of temporary — I’m leaving Colombia next week to return to the USA to live for most of the year. Since I’ve lived overseas for almost 20 years, adjustments and challenges aplenty lie ahead.

So, before I say chao (goodbye) to Colombia, let’s go for a walk with our resident mascota, el Mono (meaning ‘the one’ or ‘monkey’ depending on who you ask).

El Mono is a very special dog. As a street dog who was rescued and adopted by the apartment complex where I live in Rionegro, he lives a happy and contented life now.

Sadly, he has an inoperable tumor on the right side of his neck. Still, el Mono has a sweet and gentle disposition, or at least that’s the case until another street dog attempts to enter the compound.

So, let’s go frolic in the park with el Mono for a while.

Until next time…

peace and good health~henry

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