John Pavlovitz’s “Stuff That Needs To Be Said”

A brilliant post by North Carolina minister John Pavlovitz from his blog Stuff That Needs to Be Said.

The One Sin White Evangelicals Couldn’t Forgive Barack Obama For


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  1. Oh, yes. Obama’s greatest sin, from the perspective of white evangelicals, was being black. This also caught my attention:

    “God is using Donald Trump the way he used other sinners in the Bible.”

    Good grief! Such a delusional attitude could theoretically justify any possible action by Trump! Nuclear war, anyone? How about genocide?

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  2. A powerful article by John Pavlovitz. Thanks for sharing, Henry. As Jim R notes, it’s “dumb-founding” the way we humans can lie to ourselves to justify our behavior.

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    • True Rosaliene. And many are lying to themselves at their own peril, since their outwardly ‘fearless’ (who’s really spineless) leader will switch alliances in a heartbeat if it benefits his ego and personal finances.

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  3. I am never coming home. 😦

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  4. As a “white Evangelical”, albeit a British one, I’m under no illusions that a man who claimed that if he needed forgiveness he’d ask, isn’t a Christian by any stretch of the imagination.

    P.S. I’m married to a black lady, so to claim that self professed white evangelicals are racist is a bit of a generalisation…

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    • I agree with you Robert, and I personally try to never generalize about any given population. There’s always a diversity of viewpoints to be found within any group of human beings. Both of my sisters identify as white evangelicals but are not Trump supporters, nor do they condone his behavior. Still, reliable polls show that a majority of white evangelicals do support Trump and his policies and that is a fact I just cannot understand. Thanks for sharing your personal story.

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      • I think it has to do with a holocaust of unborn children. Although I also believe that people also have a right to find refuge where necessary.

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      • I think much of Trump’s appeal is based on demographics–the white population trying to maintain the status quo when it comes to privilege which they see slipping away. But, they are merely delaying the inevitable. I believe in being pragmatic in such situations. The US Govt would better serve it’s citizens by working closely with other Latin American countries to strengthen their own economies in an effort to allow people to improve their lives at home, where they feel most comfortable. Instead, the current administration (as well as others in the past) focuses only on narrow measures to secure the borders. It’s more of the same short-term thinking–quick profits for corporations and the wealthy–that we see in the current administration’s climate and environmental policies. As you may have noticed, I live in Latin America and much prefer the quality of life here to the USA. The greatest problems in this region are economic inequality and lack of job opportunities, situations the US Govt has helped to create during past military and CIA interventions. All the other problems stem from those.

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      • To be honest, we have a similar problem in the UK with Brexit. Many people’s motivation for it (to be blunt) is racism- wanting to close the borders. To be honest, I think a country has a right to decide whether it wants economic migrants. But I don’t think we should turn away refugees.

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  5. I’m so happy to see you are a fan of John Pavlovitz! He’s a Noseybook (my word for Facebook) friend of mine and I think he’s a gem. He does his best to be a good human and doesn’t mind straight-talking. He has my great admiration. (oh, and I’m an atheist 🙂 )

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