Video Short: Sulaimaniyah

The city of Sulaimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan is a mix of ancient and modern, all bound together by the strong traditions of the Kurdish people.

Read more about the Kurds of northern Iraq here.


6 thoughts on “Video Short: Sulaimaniyah

  1. Hi Henry! that’s an interesting post about Kurdish Iraq! Didnt know you had worked there! I heard a lot about Sulaymania when I worked in Jordan. I met an American woman married to an Iraqi who was setting up the American university there in about 2007! Here name is Suzie Alwash and her husband, both living in the US and middle east, was also responsible for the Marsh arab project of flooding the wetlands again in southern Iraq. She often visited Sulaymania and showed me lots of photos!
    What an interesting experience you must have had working and living there!

    Where are you living now? In the US or has Mexico become your home?


    1. Thanks for your comments Peta! Yes, my experience working in Iraqi Kurdistan was the most enjoyable of my teaching career! Currently, I’m in the USA visiting family, but don’t have a home base. I’m heading to Spain next week, followed by Sicily and then I will probably return to Latin America. Thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts!


  2. Hi! I’m living in Spain at the moment! Not in a big city but a small place in between Valencia and Alicante. Don’t know if you’ll be in this area. …. but we could meet up! Depends on your trevelling plans as you may be in other areas of Spain! Scicily is lovely too! I’m thinking of a trip to northern Italy too!


  3. Did you manage to see any of the great archaeological sites in that region while you were there? Nineveh etc? I’ll look forward to the next installment!


  4. Sadly, no Peta. The class schedule, lesson prep and constant assignment marking was all-consuming. I only saw the landscape between the airport in Irbil and Sulaimaniyah X2. I usually was able to set aside a few hours of free time on Sunday afternoon to walk around Sulaimani and do some food shopping. Even if I’d had a freer schedule, it would have been difficult to impossible to have gotten a permit to travel to many of the historic sites. Security was really tight. Thanks for commenting!


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